IONEX-type O-P Catalyst

C*CHEM's IONEX-type O-P Catalyst is a solid, granular hydrous ferric oxide with a high surface area. This high surface area, in conjunction with the ferromagnetic properties of the catalyst, results in an unusually effective catalyst for converting orthohydrogen to parahydrogen.

IONEX-type O-P Catalyst facilitates reliable, continuous production of liquid hydrogen having a high parahydrogen content. The necessity for additional expensive refrigeration equipment to absorb the heat of conversion at the storage site is eliminated, since liquid parahydrogen is transferred to storage directly from the liquefier where the catalysis takes place.

What is Orthohydrogen and Parahydrogen?

hydrogen model image

Hydrogen molecules consist of two hydrogen atoms connected by a covalent bond, and each hydrogen atom contains one proton. Each proton has a field associated with it, which can be mathematically described as being caused by the spinning of the proton. Since there are two atoms per hydrogen molecule, and therefore two spinning protons, the protons can be thought of as spinning in either the same or opposite directions. Molecules where the spin in in the same direction are orthohydrogen molecules; when the spin is in the opposite direction, these molecules are called parahydrogen molecules.

Why Convert Orthohydrogen to Parahydrogen?

Orthohydrogen is unstable at low temperatures, and changes to the more stable parahydrogen over time, liberating heat which can cause hydrogen evaporation within the storage vessel. Since orthohydrogen molecules make up 75% of "normal" hydrogen at room temperature, they can considerably complicate the job of storing liquid hydrogen. Without an ortho-para conversion catalyst, extra refrigeration equipment is required to remove the heat generated by natural ortho-para hydrogen conversion.

IONEX-type O-P Catalyst


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