Use of IONEX-type Silver-Exchanged Molecular Sieves for Radioactive Iodine Adsorption

Ionex-type Silver-Exchanged Molecular Sieves are highly efficient inorganic adsorbents for use in the removal of elemental and organic forms of radioactive iodine from nuclear plant containment atmospheres. These silver zeolites are non-flammable and are effective at high temperatures and/or high humidities. In addition to their extremely long life (when compared to impregnated activated carbon), the silver cations may be reprocessed and reused indefinately.

C*CHEM offers two standard types of silver-exchanged molecular sieves for radioactive iodine removal. Ionex-type Ag 400 is the best all-around choice for nuclear air filtration and radiation monitoring. Ag 400 is based on an X-type molecular sieve, and its unusually large pores ("supercages") provide easy access for large organic iodine compounds.

Ionex-type Ag 900 is better for applications where a high acid and thermal stability is required, such as radioactive iodine removal from nuclear fuel reprocessing off-gas streams.

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High Temperature operability

Can be used in the presence of many contaminants

Long shelf and operating life

Radiation resistant

High loading capacity

Forms solid, insoluble waste product

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